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Our people

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Chief Executive Office

Ali Rivett Ali Rivett

Ali Rivett

Chief Executive Officer


Felima Begum Felima Begum

Felima Begum

Executive Assistant

Operational Services

Nicky de Beer Nicky de Beer

Nicky de Beer

Director of Operations & Deputy CEO


Jason Vertudaches Jason Vertudaches

Jason Vertudaches

Governance Manager


Peter Kennedy Peter Kennedy

Peter Kennedy

Head of Operations and Membership

Kirsty Matthews Kirsty Matthews

Kirsty Matthews

Operations and Membership Manager

Caroline Wilson Caroline Wilson

Caroline Wilson

Operations and Membership Manager

Lucie Mondino Lucie Mondino

Lucie Mondino

Operations and Membership Administrator


Hue Hue Trinh Hue Hue Trinh

Hue Hue Trinh

Management Accountant

Ivana Basic Ivana Basic

Ivana Basic

Finance Assistant

Rheumatology Journal Editorial Office

Francesca Cockshull Francesca Cockshull

Francesca Cockshull

Head of Publishing


Sarah Miles Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles

Editorial Officer


Thomas Pinfield Thomas Pinfield

Thomas Pinfield

Editorial Assistant


Marketing, Education & Events

Victoria Logan Victoria Logan

Victoria Logan

Director of Education and Marketing


Education & Events

Toni Edmonds Toni Edmonds

Toni Edmonds

Head of Events

Marina Serrano Marina Serrano

Marina Serrano

Events Manager


Daisy Southam Daisy Southam

Daisy Southam

Events Manager


Grace Potthurst Grace Potthurst

Grace Potthurst

Events Executive


Neil Walsh Neil Walsh

Neil Walsh

Head of Marketing


Vasili Skountzos Vasili Skountzos

Vasili Skountzos

Digital Marketing and Communications Manager

Laura Penfold Laura Penfold

Laura Penfold

Marketing and Communications Executive

Strategic Partnerships

Emily Mackenzie Emily Mackenzie

Emily Mackenzie

Sponsorship and Partnerships Manager

Clinical Affairs

Miguel Souto Miguel Souto

Miguel Souto

Director of Clinical Affairs

Jessica Ellis Jessica Ellis

Jessica Ellis

Project Support Officer


John Hopgood John Hopgood

John Hopgood

Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Jack Feinmann Jack Feinmann

Jack Feinmann

Parliamentary Affairs Officer

Margaret Gould Margaret Gould

Margaret Gould

Policy Officer

Registers, Research and Guidelines

Dr Alan Roach Dr Alan Roach

Dr Alan Roach

Head of Research

Dr Chris Hiley Dr Chris Hiley

Dr Chris Hiley

Clinical Projects Advisor

Deborah McDonald Deborah McDonald

Deborah McDonald

Research Administrator